What’s A Vita Vagabonda?

Una Vita Vagabonda (A Vagabond Life) has done a lot of evolving over the years.

Before there was such as thing as blogging, Una Vita Vagabonda was a personal website. (Remember personal websites?)

Then Una Vita Vagabonda moved, as they say, “abroad” and officially became a blog. For a long time, Una Vita Vagabonda wrote about the far-from-the-Tuscan-sun, what-the-hell-happened-here, how-are-we-gonna-make-it-to-the-end-of-the-month Italy that Frances Mayes, Anthony Doerr, Marlena De Blasi, and Kinta Beevor never clamped eyes on (and which Elizabeth Gilbert never eatprayloved in).

Today, Una Vita Vagabonda hates on Republicans, snarks about the callowness of youth, advances The Gay Agenda, takes popular culture way too seriously, waxes curmudgeonly about politics, reviews books, and continues to write, as he always has, about all manner of things.

Though he continues to have a surprising amount to say about Italy.

  1. darthvadersmom

    Loved the Jason Brennan piece. Thank you.

  2. Glad to have stumbled upon you.

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