Statement By President Bush – 9/11/01

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11, 2001/PRNewswire/ — The following is a statement by President Bush:

Let us chase down the evil doers of evil, chase them into their rabbit holes and smoke out the barbarian weasels who have awakened a mighty giant and turned him into a sleeping tiger. We will defend our American beacon of hope and opportunity with military might until the doers of the evil that have done evil are no longer harbored in their evil burrows where there are also caves. Make no mistake: We are strong, we are ready, we are big, we have big things, we are united, and we are strong and big. And ready. Also strong. And we face a widespread terrorist organization that is based upon one thing: terrorizing widespreadly. But this enemy likes to hide. Unlike in previous wars, where the enemy came right up and told you where he was. And the concept of the different enemy is a different concept that we must face differently, but also steadfastly and with resolve. And don’t forget justice. Because make no mistake about it: We have resolve and we have wrath and we have resolved to be wrathful as we steadfastly and resolutely pursue justice down into the caves and burrows with the smoking and the resolve and the wrath. Now is the time to come together to be united to whip terrorism and also to chase down those responsible for the safe harbor that attacks freedom and justice and, in its cruel-ity, attempts to destroy the great American beacon of freedom wherever it may wave.

White House Press Office
CONTACT: White House Press Office, +1-202-456-2580
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