Perché martedì ha piovuto di nuovo

I’ve been translating from Italian to English for something like eight years, and no one has ever translated anything I wrote into Italian. Until now.

In an act of generosity that leaves me breathless, Isabella Zani has translated my poem, “Because On Tuesday There Was Rain Again.” You can find her lovely work, which I think is better than the English version, here: “Perché martedì ha piovuto di nuovo.”

Among other things, her words made it possible for me to experience the joy of giving the poem to the person for whom it was written so that he could read it in his own language. I feel so touched by that opportunity that I can hardly keep from weeping.

If ever I needed a concrete example of the bridge-made-of-language that translation provides, I would have to look no further.

Grazie, Isa.


Posted on 6 February 2006, in Translation ... sometimes it is a beautiful thing...., Write ... che ti passa. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. >It was wonderful to “hear” both the appreciation for the translator’s work and your pleasure in seeing it in Italian as a gift for your friend. Now you just need to post more poems, in both English and Italian.Thanks! KateM

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