tEstA dI MiNChiA – Part 1

Umberto Bossi, Segretario Federale, Lega Nord per L'Independenza della Padania

Umberto Bossi, Segretario Federale, Lega Nord per L’Independenza della Padania

From the Lega Nord’s “Election Special” newsletter, sent to Italian voters before the elections of April 9-10, 2006:

Let’s Vote Against the World Gone Haywire
In the upcoming elections, the future of society as we know it is at stake. If we want to avoid, on April 10th, waking up to a world gone haywire, all of our energies will be required. If the Lega Nord does not make an excellent showing in the elections, if the Left should prevail, our society, our very world will be irrevocably unbalanced. The first victim will be the family as we have conceived of it for centuries – to be replaced immediately by the homosexual one. Next will be our businesses, as small business ventures are strangled by underhanded competition at the hands of, first and foremost, the Chinese, against whom no limits have been established….


Umberto Bossi (pictured above), the leader of the Lega Nord, isn’t just a man who has a hard time keeping his right arm down. He’s also the Great Mind who conceived of and hopes to lead the new utopia of Padania (once it has seceded from Italy), a nation free of homosexuals, southern Italians, non-Europeans, and (especially) clandestini.


I’m not sure who’ll be left at that point – the ranks of hairdressers reduced to a few straight girls with a cheap certificate from the local “Accademia di Belleza” and a lot of light-skinned European Italians sitting around complaining about how their houses are a mess now that there’s no one to do the vacuuming and about how the stench from the streets is unbearable since no one’s collecting the garbage and about how they’re paying something like €10 a tomato because they can’t count on underpaid, exploited immigrant and terrone labor to conduct the tomato harvest.

In other words, Umberto Bossi and Pat Buchanan are, like, freaking brothers separated at birth or something.

Still, inasmuch as I am implicated in at least two of the groups on the Lega Nord’s “People We Love To Hate” list, it’s hard not to take all of this a little personally, which is one reason why election season in Italy this year has been just so darn much fun….


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