Interview with the Vampini

Last day of English lessons for me and the five-year-old Vampini (= bambini + vampiri). In keeping with the Italian love of documents, we prepared Attestati di Frequenza for each one, including the ones who still don’t know how to say “My name is …” or who were absent half the time or couldn’t tell you the difference between “dog” and “seven,” even at gunpoint.

Not that I’d point a gun at a child. No, of course I wouldn’t.

But they gave me bigs hugs and kisses goodbye and told me, “È stato bellissimo!” and if they thought it was bellissimo, then I’m happy to think it was bellissimo, too.

The Giraffes gave me a goodbye poster that they’d made,

and some of the Dolphins drew me pictures of themselves so I could remember them.

By Carolina.

By Jacopo.

And with that, my friends, it’s officially summer.


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  1. >What a great sendoff!! Jaime says “hi.”

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