Death to the Capitalist Running Dog Lackeys of the Imperialist Conspiracy


Wal*Mart Gives in to Beijing
Trade Unions Enter Stores
After years of pressure, the supermarket chain abandons its “philosophy”

2: Communist cells created in Wal*Mart stores
60: Wal*Mart stores in 30 Chinese cities
70: Million citizens belong to the Chinese Communist Party

Every once in a while there’s some good news. Well, some less bad news.

The already-bad news is that there are more than 60 Wal*Mart stores currently in operation in some 30 cities in China. The good news is that the union-busting, non-overtime-paying, working-class-exploiting, rat-bastard-Republican-loving minions of the anti-Christ (that would be Wal*Mart CEO, Lee Scott) had to give in and allow employees in their Chinese stores to unionize — as well as to allow Communist party cells to organize in the workplace — something that will happen in America right about the time universal health care is adopted or George Bush, Condaleeza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld confess to being incompetent idiots and resign.

What I mean is: never.

But this small victory, which I happened to come across yesterday in an abandoned newspaper on the train, brings a bit of cheer to this long, dark summer of foreign-policy folly.

Let’s be realistic, of course: the Chinese government is the kind of half-blind, half-mad dictatorship that Orwell could never have imagined, but every once in a while they get something right.

As soon as that happens with Bush & Co., I’ll be among the first to write about it.


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  1. >All for it. But the spelling is “Condoleezza”, not “Condaleeza”. Interesting that the actual name is the result of having wrongly spelt the Italian expression “Con dolcezza”. Make of it what you will.

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