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From Nonno’s Orto – The Cabbage that Ate Ariano Irpino: We’re a lot closer to Summer 2007 than we are to Summer 2006, and I still haven’t managed to get much on (virtual) paper about the Puglia/Campania junket, but here’s a sample from the forthcoming What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

One of the best parts of our summer holiday was visiting Dolce Metà’s grandparents in Ariano. On our last afternoon there, his grandpa loaded us onto  the back of the tractor and drove us down a rutted dirt road to his “lower” garden, where they grow most of their vegetables (peppers, potatoes, beans, etc.). When I saw the above, I could only think of Audrey II.

I joke (he thinks I’m joking, but I’m not so sure I am) that Dolce Metà needs to convince his nonni to open up an agriturismo, which we can manage for them. His grandpa’s tractor rides are an easy 7 euros a head — more if he tells the story about how he ran over and squashed their pet Chihuahua one day while he was driving down to water the rape.


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