76 Years Old & Still Going Strong….

(ANSA) IMPERIA, AUGUST 15: A 76-year-old woman stole two chocolate bars from a supermarket in the community of San Bartolomeo al Mare near Imperia (about 90 km southwest of Genoa, on Italy’s Ligurian coast), thrashing the store manager before being arrested. The elderly woman, a resident of Milan, lost patience with the wait in the store’s checkout line and slipped the chocolate bars, whose value totaled less than a euro, into her purse. Shortly afterward, she struck the manager of the store, a 32-year-old woman, who had stopped her after noticing the theft. The manager was sent to the hospital for her injuries.


Of course, we don’t condone violence here at VitaVagabonda, but if you’ve ever waited on line at an Italian supermarket, you can only sympathize with the chocolate thief. Frankly, if it would mean that supermarkets would open more than two registers at 6pm on any given workday evening, I’d be in favor of beating as many store managers as it takes.


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