We May Be Scrimping …

… but we still know how to eat.

Here, some snaps of M’s and my Christmas day pranzo (luncheon), which lasted from about 2 until about 7. Periodically, we retired to the living room to enter various Larval and Pupal Stages or to worship the Great God, SKY, whose everlasting Cyclopean eye watches over us all. (Revenue of SKY’s parent company, Murdoch’s News Coporation, during 2007: US $28.655 billion, which makes our measly €400 a year seem piddling indeed.)

The spread. On the right, taralli; on the left, a really kick-ass Sagrantino di Montefalco (Umbria). [Photo: MLC © 2007]


We started with the “Grande Aperitivo” and here are some of the antipasti. It’s not a great shot, but it’s one of the only ones in which you can see the Screaming Yellow Cheesecake. Egg yolks, in Italian, are sometimes called the “rossi,” the “reds” and, in this case, they were so reddish-orange that they turned the entire mixture lemon yellow! [Photo: MLC © 2007]


The primo or first course: ricotta and spinach ravioli with butter and sage. Our sage plant is one of the few that’s still thriving despite the frigid temps. [Photo: MLC © 2007]


The side dish: grilled radicchio, eggplant, and peppers. [Photo: MLC © 2007]


And, last but not least, the secondo, the meat course: pork roast with a lemon/red wine reduction. (I suspect, if you’re not already queer, that understanding the concept of “reduction” is enough to turn you.) [Photo: MLC © 2007]


We finished off with homemade limoncello, cheesecake, and, just before succumbing to coma, the Tenuta Croci’s amazing (and amazingly expensive) Emozione di Ghiaccio “ice wine.” (The extremely kind gift of friend, Jeannie, and her sister, with whom we visited the vineyard in Castell’Arquato last Fall.)

You can learn more about Tenuta Croci (and see pictures of “ice wine” on the vine) at the Vinix site (click on the link to the album fotografici) or visit Croci’s site directly at http://www.vinicroci.com.

There’s even a version of the site in a language whose affinities with English are remarkable. Don’t think I haven’t already thought of bartering a better translation for a case of Emozione di Ghiaccio.


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  1. >Menu looks wonderful; has a lot more class than my Christmas dinner which was fairly pedestrian this year. xxoo Kate

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