FattiCazziTuoi: Election Daze in Italy

I don’t actually do every single thing that Charles Lambert tells me to do, but he’s getting a much bigger kick out of Italy than I am, and he seems to have a lot of smart friends.

Which is why, after reading about the Politometro on his blog, I went to the La Repubblica site to have my political tendencies “read” vis-à-vis the national elections that are taking place in Italy today and tomorrow.


Not exactly a surprise that I came out in the “progressive,” “keep-your-Catholic-nonsense-out-of-government” quadrant.

What is sort of funny is to find Veltroni, the former mayor of Rome and Partito Democratico candidate, over there with me. (Slide your mouse over “Mostra I Nomi” to see the candidates’ names: Boselli is the Socialist Party, D’Angeli is with the “Critical Left” [I thought the whole point of the Left was that it was critical, but it’s true I haven’t been doing my reading lately], and Bertinotti is with the Rifondazione Comunista, the first new communist party to emerge out of the collapse of the CP in 1991. Absent is Oliviero Diliberto of the Communist Party [the original one, more or less], whom I like a lot. His party never wins anything, but he says courageous and even inspiring things. When you know you haven’t got a prayer of winning, it frees you up to say what nobody else has the coglioni to say. On the other hand, his campaign posters, which appeared recently, show him in silhouette, a great big cigar chomped in his mouth; evidently, Italian candidates don’t have the kind of handlers that politicians have in the states, the kind who tell you that striking a pose reminiscent of Fidel Castro is perhaps not the wisest of all moves.)

I’m praying for a Veltroni victory, which is to say a Berlusconi loss, but putting Veltroni over there on the far left (though it’s schematically on the far right — don’t ask me why) is like saying Hillary Clinton is on the Left. I mean, yeah, she’s left of, say, Rush Limbaugh…. We have a Rush Limbaugh, too, by the way: Giuliano Ferrara, who I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out suffers from a scorching prescription-drug problem all his own. This winter Ferrara decided that mounting a campaign to outlaw abortion in Italy (Hello, Giuliano? It’s 2008!) was going to be his ticket to the Big House, though the strategy has pretty much failed to get him the attention he was apparently craving.


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  1. >It looks as though we come out in pretty much the same place, Wendell. Not that either of us can vote here, of course…I’ve just been catching up on your blog – some great stuff, and I wholeheartedly share, as you may know, your view of that loathsome windbag Giuliano Ferrara.

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