>Malafemmina: The Public Enemy of all Mankind*

For some people, it just isn’t enough to be a B-movie actress, a whack-job, and an aging bimbo. You have to start lecturing people about karma as well. I suppose, if you’re a Universal Life Fellowship minister (ordained) and a Scientologist, it must come naturally.

By now, only that “uncontaminated” tribe in the jungle between Peru and Brazil (and now “contaminated” by having been found by Survival International, though I highly suspect they didn’t know they were lost) is unaware of Stone’s thoughtful reflection from the red carpet at Cannes (ah, the air must be heady at Cannes) that the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake was the karmic consequence of China’s “unkindness” toward Tibet.

You’d think that someone who had spent as much time and money on AIDS-related charities as Stone has might have heard, once or twice, the assertion that AIDS was God’s punishment on San Francisco. And you might have made a connection or two.

But not our gal, Sharon. Gormless as a sack of hair. Is it possible that wearing Dior warps your judgement?

Of course, Stone later apologized because, Gee whillikers, Daddy Warbucks, they started canceling her modeling contracts and banning her films and stuff. And, of course, she offered to to “wholly devote herself” to helping earthquake victims. Perhaps from her ranch in New Zealand. Anyway, she has people for that.

For many years, Stone allowed the rumor to circulate that she was a member of Mensa, but in 2002, she finally admitted that she’d never actually been a member. Which doesn’t precisely come as the shock of a lifetime.

*According to Xinhua, the state-run Chinese news agency.


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