>Call Me Cynical …


… and age-ist and just plain bitchy, but the New York Times reports this morning that Liza Minnelli is back on Broadway for a “comeback” (“retirement” being one of those words in the Minnelli vocabulary, like “marriage,” that is spoken in the eternal subjunctive).

“Liza’s at the Palace” opens this week. Writes the normally less fawning Charles Isherwood in the Times:

Ms. Minnelli is looking — hallelujah! — healthy and happy at 62, and sounding strong and grounded. “I just feel like I’ve come through a whole bunch of stuff,” she explained in the living room of her Upper East Side apartment, a sleek marble-and-mirrors aerie in which it is easy to imagine the ghost of Halston languidly stalking the halls, trailing a phantom stream of cigarette smoke. “But I have never felt better in my life. I feel free. I feel happy. I feel completely solid. Calmer and more focused. I understand how intelligent I am.”

Well. (You can read the full story here: Comeback With a ‘Z’.)

As I say … cynical, age-ist, bitchy, but … I can’t help but wonder: Is the new show to help tide Liza over because she, like millions of other retirement-age Americans, lost big bucks in the stock market crash? Did the cost of marrying (and quickly divorcing) one gay man after another finally get to be too much? (I dare you: go search for Google images of David Gest and tell me he isn’t the most terrifying white man you’ve seen since Michael Jackson; they have the same plastic surgeon, by the way, though I hardly need to tell you that).

Of course, we love Liza–America’s answer to Loredanna Berte’– ‘cuz she’s Judy’s daughter, so: Liza, break a leg! (Just not one of the ones you recently had replaced, kain ein horeh.)


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