Life in Italy Today: 2 (Berlusconi)


A poem by Roberto Benigni:

“If on that night, the divine Hand as her guide,
Donna Rosa* had offered her Milan cavalier a ride
with a posterior view, at Silvio’s conception,
rather than her bearded clam: wondrous intervention—
she alone, the woman Rose, would have received the shaft
and not Italy entire, from north to south, from fore to aft.”

*Donna Rosa, it is perhaps obvious, was Berlusconi’s mother.


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  1. >That is a great translation. You’ve managed to capture the almost medieval or Punch-like bawdy humour in Benigni’s political satire. My Italian is only so-so, and I had tried to use some online machine translators to supplement my understanding, but they were no good at capturing the idiomatic expressions faithfully.Cheers.

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