Hold That Thought

This is no time for cavils about how you’re not religious and you don’t “do” prayer—let’s not even mention white light or healing circles. Everybody believes in hope, right? Everybody wishes their friends well, right? So do that, please. And do it a lot.

1. Here’s where we live. Imagine us safe and together within that circle. Imagine the circle strong and unbroken. Imagine the home we’ve made together—with all our silly, cheap souvenirs from trips here and there, our postcards attached to the fridge with magnets, our books, our dirty socks, the couch where we watch too much TV, the table where we dunk biscotti in our coffee every morning—imagine that environment uninterrupted and whole. (If a few people we don’t actually know get blessed inside the circle, hey: it’s for a good cause.)

2. Here are a couple of shots from our garden from last year. Your job is to imagine us sitting at the rickety little table in our tiny courtyard and looking at things like that again this year. Picture us on all the warm mornings and evenings to come, eating out there and working out there and just sitting there watching things grow and feeling lucky and grateful to be together.

3. And here are a last two from our garden right now. Here, your job is to imagine us being able to be together and watch all of those things grow up, get planted, and produce their flowers, fruits, vegetables or what have you, as the months go by. Picture us eating lots of salads, and putting our own basil on pizza, and making risotto with fresh peas, and canning the leftover tomatoes when Fall comes along. Picture us peaceful.

With much love….


Posted on 29 April 2009, in Write ... che ti passa. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. >Quanto amore, caro Wendell! Curioso come tu chieda una cosa che faccio da anni, per tutti quelli che mi stanno a cuore. Oddio, non sarei stata tanto disposta a confessarla se tu non avessi scritto questo post, ma come esimermi?C’è tanto di quell’amore in queste foto, tanta di quella vita, che credo meriti assolutamente di essere protetta e nutrita con un’aura di luce bianca (pure screziata di rosa, che non guasta). Nel mio piccolo, sono bravina in queste cose: tutto ciò che chiedi è stato esaudito tosto e ratto!Vi tengo nel cuore, e poi dicono “solo” amici di penna…

  2. >I’m hoping. I wish I could do more. Did you think about that PEN idea?

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