How Paranoid is Paranoid Enough?

On June 5, 2009, during an annual celebration dedicated to the Arma dei Carabinieri (the Italian military police force that generally keeps civil order but is also called into combat overseas), TV crews (and several others) caught Minister of Tourism, Michela Vittoria Brambilla, in a one-armed Fascist salute following the playing of the Italian National Anthem.

Brambilla, who is frequently mentioned as the likely political successor to Silvio Berlusconi, serves as an Undersecretary in Berlusconi’s cabinet. The event was an official state function, and she was present as a government representative.

A photo of the event was published in the Repubblica on June 6.


Brambilla apparently also attended a separate event on May 29, 2009, said to have been an official “Black Shirt” assembly, and at which, it is alleged, she was also seen giving the Fascist salute.

Brambilla responds as follows: “The Italian Left really makes me laugh. They don’t have any political issues to talk about so our adversaries are reduced to commenting on the angle of my elbow or the height of my arm when I salute the citizens of Italy.”

In other words, not exactly a denial. Rather, Brambilla’s snotty riposte is a typical example of the Italian Right’s media strategy (which, it has to be said, they sort of borrowed from Reagan, after Sarah Palin got done using it: Neither the Great Communicator nor American’s Favorite Soccer Mom particularly liked answering questions they didn’t write themselves, and neither do the emissaries of Berlusconistan).

Someone is going to alert me before they start building the work camps, right?


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  1. Well, if they give me a moment, I will!

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