Povia’s back & there’s gonna be trouble …

Povia's back(side)

Povia, the Italian singer-songwriter who won a prestigious Mogol Prize in 2009 for his composition “Luca era gay” (Luca Was Gay), a song about the curative powers of denial a beard lying to your wife and children heterosexual marriage, will return to the Sanremo Festival of Italian Music in 2010. Povia’s newest entry, we have learned, is inspired by the case of Eluana Englaro, an Italian woman maintained in a vegetative state for seventeen years despite her family’s exhausting legal and social battle to respect Eluana’s wishes and remove her from life support and artificial feeding.

The Catholic Church held prayer vigils and fasts in opposition to what it called “euthanasia,” and issued pre-printed postcards to churchgoers that allowed them to nominate members of the Englaro family, their supporters, and assorted journalists for fast-track ex-communication by Pope Benedict XVI. A few days before Eluana’s death on 9 February 2009, the Pope blessed thousands of such cards, mailed to the Vatican by crazed zealots religiously obsessed fundamentalists Jesus jumpers concerned Catholics, promising eternal damnation to all those in the medical profession who subverted the will of God by employing such “fetishes of Satan” as anesthesia, dialysis, penicillin, and medications used to keep 82-year-old men from succumbing to their age-related heart conditions.

“As we meditate on the sanctity of life and our thoughts turn to Eluana’s struggle not to be murdered by the white-coated acolytes of the King of Hell,” the Pope said, reading from a prepared statement, “don’t let me forget to mention that homosexuality is a sin.”

Artistically original and socially committed — and known for his devotion to the Catholic church and to the protection of heterosexual families, which are seriously endangered all across the world — Povia has chosen to entitle his 2010 Sanremo entry “Luca Was in a Coma.”


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  1. >Laughed Out Loud. Then I thought I should really be in tears, but never mind. LOVE the new layout.

  2. >Tell me the song title isn't true. Please. It all seems so horribly plausible.Idem layout! Fabulous.

  3. >Dear Charles – Since you ask (and I hate to see you beg), the truth is: I don't actually know what the song title will be. And yet it *does* seem plausible dunnit? I mean, what *will* the Povia POV be? Really, though, if he manages to get three minutes of catchy lyrics out of coma and seventeen years of family anguish, he's a better fiction writer than I am….

  4. >Mio dio. Davvero sta presentando un brano su Eluana Englaro? Che faccia di merda. Che faccia di merda.

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