The Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee

Much of the wild and scenic life we encountered on a recent kayaking trip along the Loxahatchee River in north Palm Beach County is not pictured here: loud, drunken college students; German tourists a shade of pink one usually associates with uncooked salmon; and a bunch of guys in town for what was apparently the 40th annual reunion of Deliverance extras. They, accompanied by a coterie of hard-living chicks with more skanky tattoos than Kat Von D., were towing coolers the size of air conditioners down the river, so I guess a good time was had by all.

But all of that was few and far enough between to allow some actual animals to appear and, despite the relatively low light and having to get the camera out of and then put it back into the zip-lock baggie every time (kayaking is wet work), we managed to get a number of decent shots.

P.S. Though this post goes into the category of Jupiter Sucks, the the Loxahatchee River is actually one of the things about Jupiter that doesn’t suck. Also because the kayak rental is barely a half-mile from the best burrito place in the county, the imaginatively named Guacamole Taqueria. Admittedly, I’m writing this quite late at night, but with those two attractions I may have run the entire non-sucky gamut….

P.P.S. Click on any photo to get a larger version.

We don't know what kind, but definitely one of the non-venomous ones. Despite FL's reputation, there are a lot more harmless snakes than there are make-your-arm-turn-black-and-puff-up-like-road-kill ones.


A barred owl, high up in a tree and spotted only thanks to a younger person's sharper eyes.


Their praeternatural calm and deliberate movements probably help explain why we associate them with wisdom. Either that, or they're doing qìgong (氣 功).


Moving on into late summer and early fall, the dragonflies will multiply, as will their rainbows of color.


I don't know why they tend to sun themselves with one foot held up in the air, but we've always seen them this way.


And now the foot is down, and he's getting ready to make a run for it. A second later and he was gone.


This was actually our third gator of the day, but getting closer to him meant putting ourselves between him and an escape route, and I wasn't feeling very Dundee...


The day's first gator--not huge but more than respectable!


Photoshopped to within an inch of its life, but somehow I still like the contrast.


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