The Italian Brain Drain – from Internazionale

From the indispensable Italian magazine, Internazionale (I wish we had its like in English): “Cervelli in Fuga” [] or, “The Italian Brain Drain” (Issue #919, 14 October 2011):
1 Before you make your escape, be sure you have a brain to drain. 2 Enjoy earning your big salary in dollars, but never quit complaining about how much you miss Italy. 3 Referring to yourself, stop using the term “young people,” especially if you’re 40 years old. 4 Did you leave the country so you wouldn’t starve to death? If so, then what you’re actually a part of is the stomach drain. 5 OK, so they gave you a teaching position at Cambridge. That doesn’t change the fact that the pasta in the cafeteria is always overcooked. 6 Once you’re gone, you’ll realize what a magnificent place Italy really is. For a vacation.

[English translation by ProvenWrite Italian to English Translations]


1 Prima di fuggire, assicurati di avere un cervello. 2 Goditi il tuo stipendio in dollari, ma non smettere mai di lamentarti che ti manca l’Italia. 3 Non dire “noi giovani”, soprattutto se hai quarant’anni. 4 Sei partito per non fare la fame? Allora sei uno stomaco in fuga. 5 Ok, hai una cattedra a Cambridge. Resta il fatto che la pasta della mensa è sempre scotta. 6 Una volta partito, scoprirai che l’Italia è un posto magnifico. Per andare in vacanza.


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