Call a Gay Man “Miss,” Risk Getting Dissed on Facebook

So now let’s talk about Giuseppe Ripa, the Director of Traffic and Transportation for the city of Lecce, the largest city in Italy’s Puglia Region, who has used his Facebook page to criticize the health-care policies of the President of the Region, Nichi Vendola, who happens to be a gay man, addressing him in the process as “Miss Vendola.”

Because that was apparently not evil enough, Ripa went on to “explain” his views in the post below:

Only two kinds of human beings exist in nature: man and woman. Everything else can be scientifically classified as a “mental disorder,” an illness that falls into the category of the health sciences in general and psychiatry in specific. Naturally, no one’s looking to criticize patients with mental disorders. My own religious beliefs have taught me tolerance, for goodness sake. THOSE WHO ARE DIFFERENT HAVE ALL MY RESPECT!! but we can’t pass off abnormality as normality because this is precisely the reason why our society is on the verge of death….

(Stop me if you’ve heard this before. I’m not even going to bother to translate the rest of it.)

OK, so Ripa is a religious bigot. The world is full of them. Italy is especially full of them.

What’s truly appalling is the reaction of Paolo Perrone, the Mayor of Lecce, whose entire response was to post his own message on Facebook “putting distance” between him and Ripa and assuring his “Friends” that he certainly didn’t share the same sentiments.

And that’s the way we deal with homophobes, folks! The minute they start spewing hatred, we post a respectful message on Facebook to let people know we don’t “share their views.” Tiè e stra-tiè!!

Here’s a better idea, Mayor Perrone: You don’t “share” Perrone’s backwards, hateful (not to mention scientifically bankrupt and completely inaccurate) “views”? Good.

Fire his ass. Right now.

Let the Puglia Region and all of Italy know just how much you don’t tolerate homophobia and gay-baiting.

Otherwise, you might as well have saved yourself the 70 seconds it took you to write your useless, lame-ass message.

With “Friends” like you, we don’t need enemies.


P.S. Hey, Beppe Severgnini, are you listening? Anche questo è “razzismo,” ma questo lo sapevi già, vero?


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