An Open Letter to John Schnatter of Papa John’s Pizza

Update, 16 November 2012: See “John Schnatter & Papa John’s – Images of the Douche Supreme


May 4, 2012


Mr. John Schnatter
Papa John’s Corporate Offices                 
2002 Papa John’s Boulevard

P.O. Box 99900
Louisville, KY 40299-2334

Dear Mr. Schnatter:

Over the past eighteen months, we have spent more than $550 on Papa John’s Pizza, ordering home delivery once or sometimes twice a month. For someone with your wealth, that’s the change in the bottom of your pocket, but for us it represents a significant chunk of our dining-out budget. In fact, during that same period, we haven’t spent a similar amount at any other single restaurant.

As of today’s date, however, I have deleted all of our personal and billing information from our online Papa John’s account. We will not be patronizing your business again, in any form.

And here is why. On April 19, 2012, you held a private, $1000-a-ticket fundraiser for Mitt Romney at your home in Louisville. Though I certainly understand why a 1-Percenter like you would support Mitt Romney, you’re going to have to do it without my family’s help – and without the help of all the people I can enroll in the Boycott Papa John’s – No More 1% Pizza! effort. We’re starting slowly, but we’re also growing steadily.

You’ve made your millions off of people just like us. Working-class and middle-class people who watch their budgets and don’t necessarily have a lot of discretionary income. We buy your pizza because it’s cheap and convenient, not because it’s the best. Let’s not fool ourselves: Anyone who could afford better pizza wouldn’t be eating Papa John’s.

You’re making money off the very people for whom a Romney presidency would be a disaster, and you’re using that money to help elect a man who – forgive me for being blunt – doesn’t give a crap about us.  How’s that for irony? It’s a bitter enough one to prompt our family’s decision and the “No 1% Pizza!” boycott. The hypocrisy ought to make you burst into flames.

You won’t miss our thirty bucks a month. But I’d keep an eye on our boycott, if I were you. I’d be thinking about Tom Monaghan and the hit that Domino’s took when the public came to understand that Monaghan’s pizza millions were funding violent, radical anti-choice groups. In funding Mitt Romney (whose Bain Capital, ironically enough, bought Domino’s out) you show your support for his Neanderthal public policies and his sexist, homophobic, anti-union, anti-immigrant, out-of-touch ideals. Are you certain most of your customers are with you?




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  1. I have also deleted my account, you have made a huge mistake John but that’s your choice just like my choice is to go elsewhere for pizza… Better pizza at that, cheap is NOT always the way to go. You discust me that you would take away from the middle class just to fill your own pockets even move!
    You are now a nobody to me, all of my family and all my friends.

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