In Graffito Veritas: If Berlusconi is an honest man….

berlusconi onestoIf Berlusconi is an honest man, Ferrara is an anorexic.

So, I don’t usually go in for fat jokes, but quanno ci vò, ci vò.

Giuliano Ferrara is an Italian newscaster, publisher, and radio and television personality whose politics are just slightly to the left of Joseph Goebbels’. Oh, and he’s been one of Berlusconi’s most ardent fluffers since about the mid 1990s. He’s not just a neocon, he’s the worst kind of neocon: The kind that got his political start on the far left (specifically, Ferrara cut his teeth in the Italian communist and socialist parties).

What? You still don’t get the joke?

OK, you need visuals.

Here’s Silvio Berlusconi …



… and here’s Giuliano Ferrara.

Trasmissione "Porta a Porta"


And yes, I am just a little ashamed of myself.


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