New York WeddiMoon: Day 5

… in which he said, ” I do” and “I do,” and then he said, “I do” and ” I do,” and then she said,  “I now pronounce you married.”

On the one hand:

Dear Manhattan New York Marriage Bureau:

We want to thank you for hosting us in your city and for making it possible for us to do something that we are not yet allowed to do in the state where we live and pay taxes. We are truly grateful for your efforts to make the bureaucratic aspects of getting married both straightforward and affordable and for making so many of your staff members available, especially to those of us who are guests from elsewhere. For us and for thousands of other couples, you’ve helped make our futures a little more solid, and we appreciate it.


W & M

On the other hand:

Dear Manhattan New York Marriage Bureau:

We are certain that if you could possibly think of a way to suck even one more molecule of joy, spontaneity, and romance out of the process of getting married in your city and could render the entire ordeal just a little more like waiting to take a VD test at a free clinic in Kazakhstan, you would have done so already. Or, at the least, that you are making concrete plans to do so in the very near future. So we won’t offer any suggestions.


W & M


Posted on 24 September 2013, in Tales from the Road, Write ... che ti passa. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I just wish all the people who have written to send good wishes, and who love you both could have been there to celebrate with you to counter the bureaucracy

  2. Congratulations, both of you! Kate Mura sent me th photo – where can I find it on this page? – and I think it’s wonderful! Best wishes for a long and forever-happy union. Jan, still with Mike after more than 15 years together–20 years next month since we first met. I was widowed in 1997 – won’t remarry, but c’est si bon. Tres bon.

    Blessings on both of you. Jan 9/25/13

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