Guido Barilla Meets with LGBT Reps, Promises “Concrete Proposals”

BOLOGNA 7 October 2013 – Representatives of Italian LGBT groups, including Flavio Romani (President of Arcigay), Paola Brandolini (President of ArciLesbica), Aurelio Mancuso (President of Equality Italia), Ilaria Trivellato (Famiglie Arcobaleno), and Franco Grillini (President of Gaynet) met this morning for about an hour and a half with Guido Barilla, CEO of the Barilla company.

Guido_Barilla-586x390The meeting took place in Bologna in the offices of the President of the Economic Policy Commission of the Emilia-Romagna Region, where Barilla is headquartered.

In his video apology of 28 September 2013 (which can be viewed, in Italian, here as well as on YouTube), Barilla promised to meet with LGBT groups to discuss the “evolution of the family”; today’s encounter was intended as the fulfillment of that promise.

During the meeting, Barilla said that his company would formulate a series of “concrete proposals” as quickly as possible and that those proposals would be the subject of discussion in a future meeting with LGBT represetnatives.


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