Fourteen Things You May Not Know About BuzzFeed. #7 Will Blow Your Mind!!!

1. Around the office, staff members wear T-Shirts with the BuzzFeed slogan, taken from a Truman Capote quote: “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

2. Since the company’s founding in 2006, it has attempted seven times (unsuccessfully) to patent the phrases “You’ll never believe what happened next!” and “I nearly peed myself!”

3. Four out of five BuzzFeed stories start as notes jotted down on Jonah Peretti’s iPhone while he’s on the crapper in the morning.

4. The BuzzFeed Editorial Board consists entirely of 7th grade students in Pump Handle, North Carolina.

5. BuzzFeed has never actually paid a writer because, tell the truth, would you pay someone to write that crap?

6. Many on the BuzzFeed staff consider “content creator” to be an actual job title.

7. President and COO John Steinberg dropped out of Hoboken Community College in 2001 because “they had too many crazy rules about journalism.”

8. The majority of BuzzFeed writers are still living in their parents’ garage.

9. ADD is an official job requirement at BuzzFeed.

10. In a recent survey, six out of ten BuzzFeed staff members admitted that chronic masturbation was “sometimes” a problem.

11. The writer responsible for such features as “9 Risqué Cast Photos from F-Troop,” “The New App That Will Totally Keep You From, Like, Dying—Ever!” and “What Your Bellybutton Lint Says About You” actually holds a PhD in French post-colonial literature.

12. Market research shows that BuzzFeed stories are more interesting when you’re stupid crunk.

13. Many regular BuzzFeed readers report they just feel like nothing really matters anymore.

14. No one on BuzzFeed’s payroll even knows how to spell the word “plagiarism.”


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