Shocking Revelations by BuzzFeed Journalist, Brian Galindo

With his August 11, 2014 article, “This Photo Of Ryan Seacrest Shirtless In 1994 Is Amazing,” BuzzFeed reporter Brian Galindo has once again demonstrated why BuzzFeed has become a virtual magnet for Pulitzer Prize nominations, consistently publishing the kind of cutting-edge photojournalism that has New York Times writers weeping with envy.

In an in-depth, hard-hitting article that ran to 92 words, Galindo summed up the career of the popular television personality and host of American Idol, revealing, at the end of his story, a fact so shocking that the piece went almost instantly viral.

Twenty years ago, according to Galindo, the forty-year-old Seacrest was younger and more attractive. 

Photographic evidence from 1994 seems to support Galindo’s claims.

In fact, these photographs, which accompanied the article, provide shocking evidence of the tragedy that results when people undergo actual aging:

Ryan Seacrest after twenty years of horrible, disfiguring aging.

Ryan Seacrest after twenty years of horrible, disfiguring aging.


Ryan Seacrest, before, when someone might still have wanted to do him.















In his article, Galindo speculates that Seacrest was so cute that he could have been a model for the famously sexy International Male underwear catalog, and the article’s comments section shows that many BuzzFeed readers had similar reactions. “If Seacrest looked like that today, he’d be a Sean Cody model,” wrote TedxTop91 of Piscataway, New Jersey, referring to the famous gay-male porn site. “I know Sean Cody has a consistently hard time finding young, dirty-blonde, hairless, sort-of-muscly white boys for his video shoots, especially ones who all look alike. He’d have scoffed Seacrest up in a heartbeat.”

Galindo’s revelations about Seacrest are sure to generate a firestorm of reaction and soul-searching, especially among young gay men who had no idea that what happened to Seacrest could happen to anyone. Outside Equinox Fitness on New York’s West 92nd Street, for example, a small group of young men gathered on the sidewalk this afternoon, scrolling disconsolately through Galindo’s article on their iPhones.

“Someone has a lot of explaining to do, that’s all I have to say,” declared 22-year-old Jay’d’on Orson, a marketing intern at Barneys New York. “I spend two-thirds of what my parents send me each month on this damn gym, and the personal trainers have essentially been promising me I’m going to look like this forever. If it turns out they were lying….”

Overcome by emotion, young Jay’d’on did not finish his thought.


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