Whataboutism Run Amuck: More news from the culture of outrage

To all the people who are outraged because people are outraged over Cecil the Lion and not outraged about whatever you think they should be outraged about because if you’re outraged about the lion then clearly you aren’t outraged about human trafficking, or racism, or Palestine, or refugees, or the poor, or children with rare cancers, or rape, or Bill Cosby, or the disabled, or lack of a queer civil rights bill, or murderous police tactics, or the lack of unisex bathrooms, which means you are not only wasting your outrage on things that don’t matter (in the humble opinion of the outraged party) but are directly contributing to those other ills with your misplaced, first-world, white-privileged outrage because it is a proven scientific fact that every individual outraged over a dead lion has personally killed an Iraqi baby with a drone strike and/or raised a Confederate flag and/or deliberately used the wrong pronoun to refer to a transgender person, which is a total outrage that can only be answered with repeated Facebook postings expressing strenuous and unstinting outrage: You. Are. Making. Me. Tired.


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