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Little Dick Security – Because Sexist Advertising is also “Made in Italy”

uccellini securityOverpriced furniture, adulterated olive oil, and the world’s most improbable politicians aren’t the only things “Made In Italy.”

Something else Italians have a penchant for — or, I should probably be careful to make clear, Italian advertisers have a penchant for — is a particular kind of execrable retro taste when it comes to gender-based humor.

Here’s a billboard from Uccellini Security, which has allegedly appeared recently in and around Pesaro, Italy.


Nobody gets in unless I say so.
Intruder Detection Systems – Video Surveillance – Access Control
UCCELLINI SECURITY – Security solutions since 1970.

Now, I allow for the possibility that this is an internet hoax (info about this billboard did, after all, come from Facebook) because – really – would you allude to rape in publicity for your security company?

But a petition against the advertising campaign does exist: Rimozione immediata della pubblicità Uccellini Security.

In any case, it’s too good not to share — because it’s not even the most offensive outdoor publicity I saw when I lived in Italy.

Oh, here’s the real “joke”: “Uccellini” is someone’s name, but it’s also slang for “peen.” That’s why the model is covering her … um … Yolanda.